Project - NewLink App

A Social App - NewLink


Corporate lunches generally come with two options: eating alone or eating with same team members.

This is a wasted opportunity to develop weak ties.

Strong ties: Going through the same experiences

Weak ties: Further from you. Different experiences. Much more opportunity for career growth

  • George (Programmer)
  • Karen (UX Designer)
  • Tony (Programmer, Management)
  • YT (Programmer)

Design Process



  • Tony is in charge of  interviewing people. He went to office buildings made deep research with the people who work at there during lunch time. He asked them questions about their background and told them we are creating a social app that is helping gather people to eat business lunch together, meet new people in other companies close to their office, and try new foods with those new people. He then asked them if they would like to use it and  will conduct deeper interview with those people who are interested in trying our app.
  • After we got the interview results from Tony, our team have meeting to analyze the important information and data from the interviews he did. We created four Personas as our four main types of target audiences.


Create Persona is a best way to help us to understand who we are working for. And be truly understand our target audience’s needs, wants and pain points, in order to design good products that works for them. 


User Journey Map

  • After we got interview results and created our 4 personas. we had our team meeting and discuss our app’s blue print. We did some brainstorming and use Post-it Note to write down our idea and thoughts about our clients’ needs, wants, expectations, emotions and what will makes them frustrate that we should avoid. And also what make them feel satisfied…etc. Use all those Post-it Note and stick them on a white board to create a simple User Journey Map to understand our customers’ needs and pain points.

NewLink App’s Wireframe

  • The User Journey Map we create help us to put ourselves in our users shoes to be able to do better “Empathy”.
  • Next steps I as our team’s designer start to discuss with our developers to create our app’s workflow and create its wireframe.


  • We use sketch to create our final NewLink app’s design and prototype to do some internal  testing with our users to get feedback about our product.  And record small videos of testing process to analyze them, and  figure out our bugs and make plan to fix them.